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Next Generation Video Production Workshop

We run a "hands-on" workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to shoot and edit video.
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Jul 27, 2019, 9:00 AM – Jul 29, 2019, 6:00 PM
CAMBIO Istanbul | Video Agency, Hasanpaşa Mahallesi, Nazifbey Sk. No: 54, 34722, 34722 Kadıköy / Istanbul, Turkey

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We run a "hands-on" workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to shoot and edit video.

In this workshop, we will learn "How to make a video" from A to Z. The work will be delivered with the Canon 5D Mark III. But people who will only shoot with iPhone can also participate.

In addition to technical information, we will also do practical shooting and editing. All participants will have the opportunity to actively use cameras.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

It is suitable for participants of all levels, both beginners and experienced, and the training offers all the knowledge you need in 4 lessons.

You may have been producing video content for a while and sharing it on social media. If you cannot get the return you expect from these videos, if your videos are not getting enough attention or clicked, you will find the reasons and solution in this workshop.

Even if you aim to communicate more easily with young people and improve yourself, this work will be very fruitful for you.

The topics in the workshop are explained in a simple way. You do not need any prior technical knowledge to participate in this study.

All participants have the opportunity to shoot using a camera.

Education also;

-Those who aim to promote their personal brand

Those who want to produce quality content on social media

- Those who have a YouTube channel or want to open it



-Educational consultants


Small business owners

-Life coaches


- Athletes (outdoor, pilates, yoga, sailing, cycling, etc.)

It is a very productive work for those who try to promote and such personal products on the internet.

What will I have gained at the end of the training?

At the end of the workshop, you will have the skills to produce quality videos and share them on the internet.

Should I bring something with me?

You don't need a camera to attend this workshop. We bring the camera. Those who have their own camera can bring it with them and ask questions.

We offer all the alternatives for those who shoot videos with their smartphones and those who shoot with amateur and professional cameras. So make the most of us.

The number of participants is limited for the workshop to be efficient. Please register by e-mail or phone.



-Camera types

How does the camera work?

-Camera settings

-Diaphragm, Shutter, ISO





How is the video taken?

Shooting techniques

-Applied shooting

-Practical information



- Transfer to computer

- Introduction to editing

- Editing images and basic editing

- Adding titles, text, music, transition


Uploading video to the internet

- Organizing by YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Facebook

-Video Analysis

-Practical information


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